Design in Motion - Website Process

Our Website Development Process

At Design in Motion we believe in the power of structured process to serve as a foundation for creativity, to ensure our client’s goals are achieved and to provide a smooth path through every stage of production.

With structure we consistently deliver a high end product on time and within budget parameters.

Step One:

Consultation is crucial to the success of any project.

With a clear understanding of your business and market we are able to determine the best layout, content, navigation, technical requirements, colors and other aspects of your website that will serve to achieve your objectives.

Step Two:

We are now able to envision a design that will attract and hold your customers, encourage them to buy and enable you to stand above your competition.

A wireframe showing your website’s structure is prepared along with details of how the site will look and function.

Step Three:

At this stage, we get creative by first preparing a more detailed layout of your site with colors, sample images and text.

Then we begin the exciting work of preparing images, video, text optimized for search engines like Google, and all the other content for your site.

Step Four:

It’s time to build the website. We ensure that essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) elements are built in to the fabric of the website. This gives you a solid foundation for all future SEO activities.

Step Five:

The production process goes though cycles of testing and client feedback.

We are finally ready to launch the site and deliver your message to your target audience and accomplish your business goals.